Fuji Mulberry Root Extract C (Non-Alcohol)

For cosmetics ingredient

We have received many requests from domestic and overseas customers about non-alcohol raw materials for hair growth. We have researched for a long time, and finally we succeeded in making non-alcohol type. This product is prepared from FUJI MULBERRY ROOT EXTRACT (Alcohol type) by solvent replacement to non-alcohol, so it is not dangerous material. We can keep price down for shipping cost. Furthermore, it is by FUJI MULBERRY ROOT EXTRACT (Alcohol type) enrichment the extract to 5 times, so we can decrease recommended dosage from 30% to 6%.
It is possible to make non- alcohol or low alcohol concentration hair growth products to using FUJI MULBERRY ROOT EXTRACT C.

It maintains the effective and it can be use for man and woman. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about side effects and irritation.

We can supply raw material and OEM.