Garlic Extract Powder FJI-114

Recommended as Functional Ingredients for Healthy Supplements

Garlic Extract Powder FJI-114 successfully contains Allicin formation potential, which is the characteristic ingredient of garlic. We have achieved this through our own patented technology (Pat. No. 3660435). Therefore, Garlic Extract Powder FJI-114 has been utilized as a functional ingredient for healthy supplements.

As you know, garlic has been consumed as a good revitalizer in many manners since the ancient times despite of its smell problem. Nowadays, healthy supplements using smell-free garlic have been available in the market. Most of such healthy supplements, however, don’t contain allicin which is responsible not only for its smell but also for its revitalizing factor. So, such healthy supplements don't have the same healthy effects as natural garlic does.

Allicin, responsible for garlic smell and revitalizing factor, is very easy to be combined with Vitamin B1. Once combined with Vitamin B1, Allicin is changed into Allithiamine. Allithiamine works well as Vitamin B1 inductor.

So far experts have thought that it would be very difficult to commercialize garlic-based drug formulation which contains Allicin, since Allicin is highly unstable and volatile. However, we have successfully arranged this type of formulation, FJI-114 so that Allicin is formed within our body. This success also leads to smell reduction. FJI-114 is a garlic-based ingredient which is smell-free and revitalizes us.

* We have specified Allicin Formation Values to be from 1.0 to 1.7%.