Caiapo Potato Powder


Caiapo Potato is one variety of white ocarinas native to South America. Caiapo Potato has very long roots growing under the ground. Those long roots absorb the soil nutrients from the earth and save a rich amount of vitamins, which are necessary to keep us healthy, natural minerals and dietary fibers. Caiapo Potato is also full of Acid-Soluble Glycoprotein, so called “CAF.” CAF has a beneficial ingredient which has been receiving growing attention from domestic and overseas medical societies. Caiapo Potato Powder have traditionally been used as a natural healthy food since the ancient times. We have reviewed their health benefits through our own advanced scientific technology and successfully developed them into a new type of healthy supplements which are suitable for people of today.

Caiapo Potato Originating from Brazil.

At the end of Glacial Age, when Bering Strait was glacially bridged between the Asian Continent and the American one, some people migrated from Asia to American Continent. Then, they moved further into south and south until they reached the South America Continent. They were ancestors of Indio living in high altitudes. They lived on white ocarinas―a variety of sweet potatoes― to survive in the severe nature. Considering white ocarinas as a mysterious and beneficial vegetable, the Indio ancestors legendarily started to grow white ocarinas around B.C.2000. White ocarinas, known as Caiapo Potato now, strongly supported their life.

Healthy Ingredient:CAF

It has academically come to light that Caiapo Potato contains a significantly healthy ingredient which other varieties of potatoes don’t have. This ingredient is called CAF, whose healthy benefits have been widely disclosed and published by Pharmaceutical Society of Japan and other types of academic conferences in recent years. CAF means Acid-Soluble Glycoprotein. Caiapo Potato has much of this ingredient in the area close to its jacket. Experts believe that CAF is responsible for the higher activity of this potato comparing to other varieties of potatoes.

Experts also believes that Caiapo Potato is good for health, because this potato has well-balanced of various vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, dietary fibers, all of which are necessary for our daily health management. Plus, this potato has lots of CAF,(recently-found-out Acid-Soluble Glycoprotein) which is supposed to greatly help us to keep healthy.

Most Reliable Healthy Food

Studies and researches on the health-promoting ingredient of Caiapo Potato have been reported recently by many experts at Pharmaceutical Society of Japan and other types of academic conferences. As you may know, sweet potatoes and other varieties of potatoes usually contain 18 times more potassium than rice does. Among many potato varieties, Caiapo Potato contains the most amount of potassium. Caiapo Potato also has well-balanced of various vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and dietary fibers, all of which are necessary for our daily health management.

As for our Caiapo Potato production, we have our contracted farms both in Yunnan Province, China and Mitoyo County, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan to keep good supply of this vegetable.
We grow Caiapo Potatoes in very careful, reliable and secure manners only for the benefits of our customers:1) The growing start with the soil farming which is a very important step for us because Caiapo Potatoes have very long roots which absorb and absorb soil nutrients to grow.

2) We add 22 kinds of minerals into the soil of our farms to get the soil fertilized fit to the production over a long time before we grow Caiapo Potatoes there. 3) After harvesting, we leave the used farms for at least five years, since those farms have completely lost their soil nutrients. For the safety purpose, we never use any chemicals, and we select only safe and good quality Caiapo Potatoes for our product.