Garlic Extract - Vitamin B1 Complex

Recommended as Health-Promoting Ingredient for Quasi-Drug Bath Agent

We produce Garlic Extract - Vitamin B1 Complex which is contained in quasi-drug bath agent, Sanuki Man’nou-Yu and other O.E.M. medical agents made by other medicine makers. This Extract is used as a health-promoting agent.

Traditionally garlic has been believed to promote our blood circulation and make our skin smoother. This is the reason why traditional therapeutic bath with garlic in it (garlic bath) has been popular among people. However, here comes one problem―its strong smell. Allicin, one of the representative ingredients in garlic is responsible for its strong smell. Allicin is a characteristic ingredient which can be found especially when we grind garlic. Allicin is a compound produced when a smell-free ingredient called Alliin reacts with a dissolving enzyme called Alliinase―both of the ingredients are in garlic.

When we produce Garlic Extract - Vitamin B1 Complex, we add Vitamin B1 to Allicin to render this ingredient into Allithiamine which has lower smell and stimulation.

Medicinal bath agent containing Garlic B1 Extract Powder has an excellent effect to keep you warm and your skin moisture-rich. Even a certain period of time after you bathed yourself, you feel yourself comfortably warm enough and your skin is kept moisture-rich and smooth.

Therapeutic Effects by Quasi-Drug Bath Agent containing Garlic Extract - Vitamin B1 Complex:

Good for Eczema, Poor Circulation, Fatigue, Stiff Shoulder, Lower-Back Pain, Sweat Rash, Skin Disorder, Chapped Skin, Chilblains, Bruise, Sprain, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, and Piles.