1954 Aug.

Established, manufacture and sales of dry garlic powder as additives for feed for poultry and livestock in Mitoyo-gun, Kagawa

1967 Oct.

Successful in the development of liquid garlic under instruction of Dr.Fujiwara of Kyoto City Institute of Health and Enviromental Sciences

1968 Aug.

Changed organization to Joint-stock company.
Released new product for livestock called "Vitalic."

1970 May

Changed name to Fuji Sangyo Co., Ltd.

1976 Oct.

Expanded to aquaculture field, released mixed fishery feed "Neovita-E"

1979 Oct.

Established Fishery Chemical Division

1983 Jun.

Newly built head office in Nio-cho, Mitoyo-gun, Kagawa. Established new factory in Mino-cho and opened sales offices in Zentsuji-shi and Marugame-shi in Kagawa, Omura-shi in Nagasaki, and Uwajima-shi in Ehime.

1984 Oct.

Established Fish and Fry Division.

1987 Oct.

Completed Factory in Takuma-cho, Mitoyo-gun, Kagawa
Transferred head office to Marugame-shi
Jointly developed new "Shanlove" bath salts with Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,

1988 Oct.

"Shanlove" bath salts

Released "Shanlove" bath salts by Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,

1989 Oct.

Completed Aomori Factory in Takko-machi, Sannohe-gun Aomori

1992 Oct.

Completed new head office building

1993 Mar.

Completed 2nd Takuma Factory

1993 Apr.

Opened Processed Marine Product Division, Furuya Honpo

1994 Apr.

Estableshed Mail-Order Division

1994 Jul.

Released mixed fishery feed for fisheries called "GB1"

1995 Oct.

Released hair growth tonic "Mokan"

1996 Apr.

health supplement "Caiapo"

Released health supplement "Caiapo"

1997 Sep.

Started clinical investigation at University of Vienna

2002 Mar.

medicated hair tonic "REREJE"

Released hair growth tonic "REREJE"

2005 Mar.


Released "Raochinsu"

2006 Aug.


Started mail-oder sales brand "WELLBEST"

2008 Apr.

Started mail-order sales of medicinal product "WELLBEST PHARMACY"

2010 Feb.

Enzyme basic

Released "Shinya Enzyme"

2011 Apr.

Takuma Factory got ISO 9001 approval

2011 Jul.

Opened WELLBEST 2nd Call Center

2012 May.

Released eyelash growth lotion "GRANMORE eyelash treatment"

2014 Jul.

Completed mixed feed manufacturing facility in Aomori Factory

2015 Sep.

Released hair growth gel "GRANMORE HAIR CARE GEL"

2015 Oct.

Released "Urakami Style Aroma Oil"

2016 Feb.

Released eyebrow growth lotion "GRANMORE eyebrow treatment"

2016 Apr.

Released health supplement "Kothalaex"

2016 Jul.

Completed logistics warehouse in Takuma Factory

2017 Nov.

Kothalaex tablet

Released health supplement "Kothalaex tablet"