• Mail Order Business Division(WELLBEST)

    The division implements a system that performs fulfillment including receiving orders from customers, delivery of products, and after-sales service and speedily responds to our customer's needs.
    This division is in charge of advertising strategies including TV, newspapers, and Web sites, operation of a call center, data marketing analysis, and provides services in customers' point of view.

  • Sales Division

    In charge of supply of our original products and OEM products to pharmaceutical manufacturers and cosmetics manufacturers, planning and sales of functional materials, and business development overseas centering around North America and Asia.
    In addition, the fisheries division which sells mixed fishery feed essential for fish farming carries out locally-based marketing activities at each marketing base.

  • Research and Development Division

    In charge of basic research, new product development and quality control.
    For ingredients newly found through analysis, follow-up research, efficacy evaluations, primary screening (cell experiments), secondary screening (animal experiments) are repeated to ensure safety, and clinical investigations are carried out prior to product launch.

  • Production Factory Division

    In charge of manufacturing our products at the Takuma factory, 2nd Takuma factory, and Aomori factory. This division acts as our direct liaison office for contract farmers and creates high quality products based on a rigorous control system. In the Takuma factory, delivery of products ordered by the mail-order business division is also carried out.