Fuji Banjiro Leaf Extract

Fuji Banjiro Leaf Extract is a new product.

Banjiro is generally called Guava.
Guavas are cultivated for food in tropical countries. The fruit is eaten without cooked or used in desserts. Its fruit, leaves, and roots are used as folk medicines for treating diabetes mellitus and for relieving diarrhea.


Fuji-Sangyo Co., Ltd. discovered that guava leaf extract obtained by a special extraction method has growth effects for hair follicle cell and dermal papilla cell and antiandrogen effects. The company also determined that the Fuji Banjiro Leaf Extract had a positive effect on hair growth in a human clinical study (n = 16).



Fuji Banjiro Leaf Extract has good effect by both sexes.
Fuji Banjiro Leaf Extract can be used for cosmetics.

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